When I started taking Origine 8 I was suffering with post nasal drip as a result of allergies. I was also fatigued and had been experiencing a sore throat for a few weeks which wouldn’t go away. I tried everything to feel better but nothing worked. After a few days of taking a single daily capsule of Origine 8, I felt energized and no longer suffered from a sore throat. My nasal drip has also subsided. I can feel the difference already, wow!

– Hudah Levendall

I started taking Origine 8 and felt a bit nauseous at first, this feeling soon went away and it made me feel amazing, full of energy and healthier!

– Farah Manual

I am writing this email to thank you for the amazing difference ORIGINE 8 has made to my wellbeing.

I am almost seventy years old and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my forties. I have been on thyroid meds since then and for the past six months have felt more tired than usual in spite of normal thyroid levels. I have also at times experienced hair shedding and although I have always had a full head… I found this worrying and unpleasant! My sweet tooth was rearing its head and a penchant for sugar seemed to be more prevalent as time passed. My bathroom scale was not kind and I began feeling uncomfortable.

I decided to try ORIGINE 8!

A week into the product I noticed a boost in energy that was truly amazing. Three weeks later I noticed a definite decrease in my need for sugar which has resulted in a weight drop of two kilos without effort.
My hair shedding has stopped too.


On awakening I reach for my ORIGINE 8 and look forward to a beautiful day!

– Lynette Riesenburger

Hi there, I am a 64yr old grandmother, living in Los Angeles, blessed with two very active granddaughters

I was feeling tired, no energy to keep up with them, craved sugar constantly, was not sleeping well and was generally feeling as if life was getting the better of me. While speaking to my sister, who lives in Cape Town, she suggested I try Origine 8 the Complete Green Tea Extract.

It had worked for her so, on her recommendation, i decided to try it as well.

Luckily, a mutual friend was coming to LA on a visit and was able to bring me a three month supply.

It has now been 6 weeks since I started taking this incredible supplement and the results are beyond amazing!
I am no longer tired, filled with energy, sleep like a baby and no longer plagued with constant sugar cravings.
As an added bonus, i have also lost weight.

I highly recommend this supplement and will continue taking it on a daily basis. My sister has ALWAYS been there for me… however, this suggestion truly goes to the top of the list!

– Sheree Stone