About Origine 8

“A group of scientists and medical experts working with the latest extraction and absorption technology with a keen interest in food and natural substances focused their energy on green tea. Due to the vast health benefits green tea offers and their understanding that these benefits are limited by the quality of tea as well as absorption of regular supplementation, they sought to develop a new green tea extract which could overcome the current challenges.

After years of research, development and collaboration and combining the best of nature with science, the final result is Origine 8™ which is a true breakthrough in not only green tea supplementation but in health.”

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Our Promise is to offer the best clinically proven bio-active green tea extract of the highest potency and purity which you can trust to provide you with vibrant health, energy and vitality.


The green tea used in the extract is grown on the Senteeko Tea Estate, which is a farm of over 8 500 acres in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Growing the tea to harvesting, to the final extract, all happens in one location. This ensures the highest level of quality control. Beyond this, the farm is carbon friendly, utilising solar energy as well as fresh water supplied via a stream which runs into the farm with its source found in the local mountains. It also empowers the local community by providing over 300 jobs to residents from nearby villages.


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